See what our guests are saying about their time aboard our yacht.

It was not only sailing ‘with’ New Horizons it was also sailing ‘to’ New Horizons.
Not only the places (isles) that we visited were charming, but also captain Georgos and chef de cuisine Catherina were superb!! We loved and enjoyed every minute of our sailing trip with them.

Many many thanks to George and Catherina!!!
— Judie & Carlos
The sea wimps became sea nymphs!
Thank you George + Mae!
— Catherine
Dear George and Mae,

Thank you for the most wonderful, beautiful, relaxing week of our lives. We loved every moment of our trip with you, from Maes delicious cooking to Giorgos navigation to all of the best spots in the Cyclades, and many waterskiing and tubing rides!
You were both such wonderful hosts who showed us the beauty of the Greek islands and the Greek people. We hope to return soon to do more exploration with you, and please let us know if you ever visit Boston!

Thank you again for a truly amazing and so unforgettable week!
— The Schneider family Wellesley, Massachusetts USA
Yiorgos & Mae,

Thank you for everything.
We had the most magical holiday and actually the best we have ever had - truly!

You both made it perfect and very special and we will miss you.
”Efharisto” - and “Kronia polla” to Mae
From all of us Danae, Gus, Nooie

Darlings its been the best time ever - Thank you

Thank you so much for making everything so easy + magical for us!
Lots of love

Awesome holidays - loved every second, all thanks to the two of you! Will be back for sure.
— Sake
Dear Giorgo and May,
Thank you so much for everything!
You are truly the best!Could not have had better people to ensure that our family vacations would be so beautiful, full & relaxing!
Many thanks.
— Konstantinos
Athens- Kea- Tinos - Paros - Naxos- Kythnos - Kea- Sounio- Athens

If happiness is the collection of beautiful memories then “New Horizons” is the secret of it. What a nice trip. Thank you George and Mae for a wonderful sailing experience. We swam in unbelievable waters, tasted exquisite Greek food and enjoyed night life in the various islands. We are looking forward in sailing again with you next year in the Ionian Sea. Thank you so much for your hospitality.
— Corinna
Geneva Switzerland
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

The yacht was in excellent condition. It had a very good tender (3.6 metre solid floor rib with 40 hp engine).

The crew was excellent. Skipper very experienced, knowledgable and personable. Hostess was also a very good sailor and she was an excellent cook. The hostess who started the season left the boat for personal reasons of some sort just before we arrived with the result that the new hostess had only been on the boat for a couple of days, however, she did a really great job.

We had force 6 winds for the entire week, which was bit more than I had budgeted for! I knew that this might happen, but I had hoped that we might get a few days with lighter conditions. We were not struck in port at any time but some of the passages, especially going north, were pretty bumpy. I had researched the Greek sailing areas pretty thoroughly before deciding to go to the Cyclades so I have no complaints, but the area needs to come with a very definite warning if clients (especially clients who have limited experience) are thinking of chartering there during the summer months.

All of the arrangements went very smoothly: flights on time, taxis organised, balance of APA already returned to us. Your own contribution was greatly appreciated.

All in all a very successful charter from start to finish. I would have no hesitation in recommending this yacht/crew. If we plan to charter next summer I will certainly be in touch.

Many thanks.
— Robert
On October 2nd we took to the sea with George, Mae, Catherine, Leslie, Karen, Gina, Stacey and me.
The winds were strong
The waves were high
Time stood still
And islands passed by
But our fearless captain George + first mate Mae so kind
Would not let us down either in body or mind.
We learned to steer and look at the horizon so blue
and eventually day 1 blurred into day 2
As the weather calmed down we all adjusted .
Thanks to the wisdom of our crew, now our family so trusted.
We sailed onto Kythnos+Paros+Antiparos too
And giggled + laughed while we sailed the Aegean so blue
Our memories of all the beauty will not be forgot
And when we need to feel that touch of grace again in our life
We will respond with a wink and a “why not”

We love you Mae & George - Thank you for everything
— Catherine, Leslie, Karen, Gina, Stunley
Dear Jiorgos and May,

Thank you both so much for a really wonderful week exploring the islands. When I arrived and saw the large waves & felt the force of the “meltemi” I thought we would be spending a week in Myconos! Not so; we have packed so much into one week thanks to both of you and your enthusiasm for letting us sea your wonderful Cyclades.

The islands are so full of warmth, charm and colour and each one brings with it something new and different and certainly has made us want to return to explore some more. I am not a great sailor but I at all times felt entirely safe & in good hands and was very impressed by the skills and expertise of captain Jiorgos and the wonderful May.

Thank you too for the long boarding, donutting and many trips in & out to the various towns and beaches- you could not have done more.
And what can I really say about the food? Simply wonderful - we could not wait what new Greek dish each day would bring. We loved May’s fantastic cooking and Jiorgos’ wonderful octopus, mussels, pasta... I am going home to find a good Greek cookery book and see if I can manage to come up with a few dishes to remind us of our time aboard with you both.

We would love you to get in touch with us if you ever manage to reach Ireland- we can’t guarantee good weather but you will get a really warn welcome.

Many many thanks
— Rosalie, Robert, Megan, Lydia, + Robbie Urllan
Belfast, N. Ireland
We would like to thank the whole crew + staff of fyly and New Horizons for making our vacation an unforgettable journey. Special thanks to George our Boss skipper who was always prepared to change our course to the right direction and Katerina for all the lovely breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and their great hospitality!!!
— Valerie & Kris
We had a wonderful week on the New Horizons in June. It was absolutely perfect weather so we were able to enjoy so much of the islands. Captain Yiorgos took advantage of the weather and we were able to visit Kea, Kythnos, Sifnos, Milos, Paros, and Mykonos. What an itinerary ! Our wonderful chef, Katerina, treated us to delicious meals of Greek cuisine and same important cooking lessons as we needed to learn how to make these delicacies! Our trip included paddle boarding, tubing, scuba diving and discovering amazing secret caves and secluded beaches. Truly a paradise.

Giorgos and Katerina were kind and attentive and especially accommodating to our teenage daughters, making the trip for the whole family unforgettable.
They showed us that the Greek culture is warm and inviting. More than anything they have us all wanting to return to Greece!

Thank you for a dream vacation.
— The Bayicerri family
Alfines, Sarita, Natalia, Carolina
After our disappointment of not being able to travel to the Cyclades due to strong winds, we were thrilled with the route that George & Mae took us on.
The week flamed with beautiful food cooked by Mae and magical spots George took us to visit.
They are a wonderful team, who made us feel so welcomed. We feel we had known them all our lives.
Nothing was too much trouble, a trully professional outfit, far beyond our expectations.
We look forward to future travels.

Thank you for our wonderful experience.
— Coa & Allyson Barnei
Dear Giorgos and May,
If I was asked to describe this trip with just one word, I would simply respond to you with the world’s most simple word:’’family’’. You may wonder now why I would pick this word. It’s simple. ‘’Family’’ is a word connected to joy, happiness, beauty, and memories. There is nothing better of you being surrounded by your loved ones. During this trip you achieved to be one of us, we feel you now as a part of our ‘’family’’ and we greatly thank you for all the wonderful moments we shared together. I personally thank you for this beautiful trip which eventually was my best vacations up until now.
Many thanks,
— Thanos Ghikas
Dear captain George and May,
It has been a wonderful trip. We would like to thank you both for your professionality, your close treat and kindness. We’ve enjoyed in all senses, from all the places George has taken us, the skiing and donuts to the amazing food May has cooked!! Even the waves and the wind! You should know that thanks to you, all of our expectations of this trip have come true. We’ve had the best crew ever! And know... know that you’ve been nominated to the Silveste’s Golden Awards!!
*The best ‘’where to see the sunset ‘’ guy - George
*The best ‘’chef of the Aegean’’ (special reference to grilled cheese, tiramisu, croissants - we don’t have enough pages to write all of them) - May
*The best ‘’octopus of the Cyclades’’ - George(we loved your implication in the birthday ‘’party’’)
*The best ‘’sirtaky teacher’’ - May
Since it feels as a short trip, we would need another week with you guys! Hopefully soon! Don’t forget to visit Mallorca. We will be waiting for you to sail our seas!
With love,
— The Silvestre family
Javier & Mariate, Alvaro & Irene, Javier & Anna, Alex & Teresa