We offer the best possible holidays in Greece: sail in the most stable yachts, in the safest sea on the planet, with high winds through clear skies, around thousand of islands.

Enjoy the trip not only the destination, drink your ouzo and eat Greek mezes (tapas) while sailing. Swim in the clearest waters and enjoy the legendary nightlife of the Greek islands. New Horizons in your vacations on our beautiful brand new catamaran yachts.

NOTE from the founders

New Horizons is a family owned yachting company. The idea to start this business arised from the delight we get from our own sailing vacations.  As we are Greeks living abroad, we have become tourists in our own motherland. We visit Greece for a limited time, during which, we need to "store" in our hearts as much joy as possible. 

Greece is unique mainly for three things:

  •   Its climate that offers the ultimate conditions for living outdoors
  •   The longest coastal line in the Mediterranean with numerous            amazing cosmopolitan or virgin beaches.
  •   More than 3.000 picturesque islands , totally diversified in groupsas    far as the landscape,     architecture, culture,   cuisine, customs and  even local weather are concerned. 

Greece's diversification makes every years' visit a totally new experience, and sailing is the best and only way to enjoy the most of it. Thus, for the last 10 years we have been sailing there. 

Amongst the many yachts that we have rented, we fell in love with the catamarans. These two-hull vessels offer:

  •  amazing space both indoors and outdoors, 
  •  the luxury of a motor yacht
  •  a very stable sailing that allows you to enjoy the journey, not only the  destination,  
  •  a very low fuel consumption as cat-yachts have a shallow draft!

So here we are, offering what has been repeatedly the best holidays for us, to you!

Open new horizons in your vacations. Come aboard our fully crewed catamaran yachts and enjoy 5* luxury and the legendary Greek hospitality. Our crews are chosen with the highest standards of qualifications and qualities, in order to be capable and committed to turn your private cruise into a dream holiday

Enjoy life, enjoy Greece aboard NEW HORIZONS cat-yachts.

Welcome aboard!

Corinna Dimitrou-Gkikas                                                                                             Co-founder and Mother